StoryTeching – Artificial Intelligence for the Creative Mind??

StoryTeching – I define it as the art of telling stories through technology. New Media Film Festival, claimed by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the “Top 25 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee,” year after year impresses international audiences with its diverse genres and cutting edge methods of storytelling. During the 7th New Media Film Festival, audiences saw boundaries broken through a revolutionary method incorporating Artificial Intelligence and human interaction to form what these artists call the “Artificial Experience.” The best part? New Media Film Festival got to be the host of its LA Premiere.Artificial Intelligence

Director Brian Harrison, Years & Years: An Artificial Experience Music Motion Picture


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How do Music Videos Change the World? Here’s One: Anti-Bullying


In this Anti-Street Harassment (Bullying) PSA, Director Katherine Filaseta created a music video inspired by Bollywood that depicts a woman walking down the street. This short public service announcement makes a statement about street harassment in New York City through a re-appropriation of the lyrics of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy. New Media Film Festival is proud to have been the host of this Anti-Street Harassment themed video’s LA Premiere, serving the cutting edge of storytelling.

Director: Katherine Filaseta

Country: USA

Runtime: 3:18

LA Premiere!!

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How do Music Videos Change the World? Here’s One: Tackling Bipolar


Chart Topping singles on U.S. Billboard and Top 100 on U.K. Music Week, Siberian-born American singer-songwriter Liza Fox’s I Am Not I is the true epic of her struggle against battling her bipolar disorder. Filmed in the Ukraine, the story line is: As she slips into unconsciousness, an evil darkness takes over her angel-like spirit and soul. New Media Film Festival continues to push the boundaries of storytelling with the help of Liza Fox’s courage and unique artistic expression.

Director: Taras Vorobets

Country: USA, Ukraine

Runtime: 3:26

Liza Fox Website:

Check out the video here:


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How do Music Videos Change the World? Here’s One: Love and iPhones


Perfectly timed for our troubled world, You Are Loved, written by Oscar Winner Ernest Thompson, translates its irrepressible spirit into an international chorus of defiant joy and hope and love. Not only does it push boundaries through words, but the video is shot all over the country using an iPhone. Audiences had a chance to see it on the big screen at the New Media Film Festival and enjoy an informative Q and A with Oscar Winner Ernest Thompson.

Director: Ernest Thompson

Country: USA

Runtime: 3:51


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Celebrating Cultural Diversity at New Media Film Festival

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at several films and web series that help bridge the cultural divide and grow awareness about different ways people live all over the world.

These fantastic stories showcased ways people survive and often thrive in multicultural families and societies.

“Sharing space with someone of a different cultural, religious, or ethnic background can prove to be a rich experience,” said Susan Johnston, Founder and Director of the New Media Film Festival. “Our festival is one great way to have that experience.”

We will once again feature some of the best culturally diverse new media content in June 2017. At the 8th Annual New Media Film Festival, audiences will have an opportunity to embrace the diverse content reflected in various new media, honoring stories worth telling and reflecting the intersection of artistry, distribution, new formats and new tech. All ages, media and cultures welcome.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Learn more:

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Cultural Diversity in New Media: At the End of the Line

We’re ending our series looking at cultural diversity in new media and spotlighting some of our favorites the 7th Annual New Media Film Festival with a music video on sacrifices made in Nazi Germany.

“At The End Of The Line” is a music video that explores the sacrifices Jewish parents had to make in 1939 Nazi Germany. The parents, sensing their lives were in danger, placed their children aboard trains to be raised by foster families across free Europe. They did this knowing they would probably never see their children again.

at the end of the line

Director: Robert Kerr

Country: US


Running time: 5:10


Watch the full film below.

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Cultural Diversity in New Media: Aurora

Our look at new media content bringing cultural diversity to the digital space continues this week with an an animated music video game for hip hop artist, Gowe. For anyone who grew up in the 90’s playing video games, get ready for a blast from the past.

“Aurora” by Kenson Lee shows us how the main character, Gowe, unwraps his approach to music while intertwining elements of his youth as a visual foundation to the song. It is a 16- bit (8-bit) adventure through 90’s culture of arcades, games and animation.


Director: Kenson Lee

Country: US

Running time: 5:34

Watch the full music video below.

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