Arbibots World – Porch Thieves – New Media Film Festival

Arbibots World – Porch Thieves, NFT category
#Director BOT #1116
Country #USA
Premier U.S.
Cast & Crew
#Writer – BOT #1
#Producer – BOT #1034
#LeadArtists – BOT #1035
Arbibots!! World is a first of its kind “Airdrop Film” project. Created by members of the Arbibots!! community designed to showcase the power of combining NFTs with independent filmmaking.

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Water My Lilies – New Media Film Festival


Water My Lilies

Renee Audrey



I’m waterin my lilies
He’s tappin his gun on my door
I can’t hold the can steady
Don’t wanna drown the lilies anymore
I’m livin on the 3rd story
And there’s no back door
But there’s a pretty balcony I’m fallin for

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