Variety of Music at 10th New Media Film Festival

1st time ever in the United States – 1st time ever at New Media Film Festival. A Fashion Show programmed to the winning Music Only category. Music for the Fashion Provided by Guy Erez and David Ari Leon (ScoreSongs) who provide music compositiona, songwriting, production and music supervision to leading media giants such as Marvel, Netflix, Disney, Electronic Arts and others. With award winning singer, Padruna, lending her rich and evocative voice.


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Make New Friends and Business Partners at the New Media Film Festival

June 5th from 6-10PM – Proud to announce Backstage is the sponsor of the Networking Lounge at the 10th Annual New Media Film Festival. Meet casting directors, agents, managers, producers, directors, content creators and more.

Visit the New Media Marketing Table. It’s a very popular stop on the festival experience. You will have an opportunity to make an advertisement for yourself and get to know the festival participants!


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PODCAST: The Knight Trilogy – Anthony Phills

What is multiplatform interactive publishing, and how can it affect the way we read fiction?

Anthony Phills is a designer and the media extraordinaire behind the Knight Trilogy. With 10 platforms to choose from and 72 hours of content, this series uses new media to take a classic thriller to the next level. Listen to this episode to hear about the next big thing in online creativity, and how incorporating audio into print and mobile storytelling can bring readers closer to the characters they love.

Visit to get tickets today and learn more about the nominees.

“It’s more than just a story, it’s more of a platform, and how I see authors being able to deliver new media in the future.”

-Anthony Phills
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Get Closer to Art at the New Media Film Festival

Visions, an Augmented Reality Artwork Series. Enjoy the artwork, then hold up our tablet and immerse yourself in an AR experience as well. Christopher Ruane is an Augmented Reality artist and photographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who specializes in massive photo and video montages. Sometimes with thousands of individual layers, his work often focuses on spirituality, technology and the human experience. The complexities of each piece are made to be studied to reveal an inner meaning and viewpoint about our culture, the current climate of the world and what we believe to be the truth of our origins. You just can’t miss it!


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PODCAST: Seek the Joy Podcast – Sydney Weiss

The Media Futurists Podcast is moving on to our second series – thanks for the good times, virtual reality, and hello Internet! Our first episode is a podcast on a podcast, featuring the effervescent Sydney Weiss, of the Seek the Joy Podcast!

For those of you who have always wanted to start their own podcast, this is the story for you. Sydney Weiss began producing and hosting Seek the Joy without formal media experience, while still continuing her career as a lawyer. Hear the story behind the podcast, how the project helps build community and healing through storytelling, and how Internet creators can practice good self-care. This conversation is guaranteed to make you smile 🙂

Visit to get your tickets today and hear more about Sydney and the other nominees!

“There’s something really powerful about audio storytelling and its capacity to bring us together, remind us of who we are, and to bring about that sense of community.”

– Sydney Weiss
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Enjoy New Projects, Talk to Creators, Listen to Talented People at the New Media Film Festival

At the festival you are waiting Eric Calderon who is a producer at Warner Bros; Jonathan Cane is an unscripted development and production exec with 19 years of experience delivering immersive; extremely talented Tyler Condon who is the director of development and production executive, Kathy Garverandmany others interesting people. Panel and Pitching sponsored by Media Service. Moreover, our Surprise Guest will ask questions of the content creators in attendance that screened in this section, enjoy!



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PODCAST: Everest – Jonathan Griffith

How can VR show you the extremes of human courage and skill?

Jonathan Griffith is an accomplished alpinist, photographer, and filmmaker whose virtual reality film “Everest” follows Sherpa Tenji to the summit of the world’s most famous mountain. The film is dedicated to Griffith’s friend Ueli Steck, who passed away before completing the challenge of summitting Everest and Lhotse without bottled oxygen. Griffith and Tenji carry on the torch.

Listen to the podcast episode to hear more about the amazing story behind the film, and learn about the many challenges of shooting VR on Everest.

“Thousands of tons of snow just start pouring down the mountainside and crashing down into the Khumbu Ice Fall, and then rushing towards the camera.”

– Jonathan Griffith
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