About New Media Film Festival


In 2009 New Media Film Festival® was announced in Second Life at Los Angeles Studios as an annual story and technology event, honoring stories worth telling. The festival brings together the work of established and emerging New Media Content Creators and video artists, from the US as well as internationally. A multiple award-winning Festival, a student custom career goals program and a we give back program.

About New Media Film Festival®

New Media is an infinite catalyst for story and technology 

New Media Film Festival®  an innovative and award-winning festival created in 2009, celebrates global stories, technology, and platforms. We continually implement new opportunities outside the norm to bolster creators in media. Through our boundary-pushing ideology, we create an environment for creators to thrive. New Media Film Festival® is an infinite catalyst for story and technology. Not just any stories, but the stories worth telling.

The rationale behind the festival is clear. New Media Film Festival® continues to show its lasting power and potential to evolve – there is scope for truly groundbreaking and compelling work in the world of storytelling. The festival is designed to both discover and cultivate highly creative work from emerging and seasoned content creators.Your innovation will not go unnoticed. In fact, it will be seen by judges from Marvel, PBS, HBO, BBC, Rolling Stone, the Television Academy and more.

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  • Wayne Cella

    A great festival that included some of the best content I’ve ever seen in a festival. It was an honor to be included alongside such amazing work. Top notch event with an amazing director and hostess in Susan Johnston. The communication was outstanding and execution was flawless. Thank you for having us!

  • Girlie Vasallo

    Fabulous festival! Thank you for nominating my pop track “Save The Day” for Best Song (Music Only category). So many creative entries, each deserving to be recognized. This is my first time to join their festival and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you for giving us independent songwriters a platform for our music to be heard. Power to New Media!

  • Cindy Lynn Carter

    This is an excellent festival that truly supports independent filmmakers. I was honored that my film, Zone of Silence -Haunted World, was selected. Highly recommended!

  • Milena Stoykova

    We are extremely thankful that the festival not only accepted our film but also gave us a chance for distribution!

  • Jerry Chambless

    It was an honor being selected for the this wonderful festival. It means a lot to us to have this project of inclusion & diversity be seen through the family scope & hopefully affect young viewers positively.

    • Miriam Harris

      This is such a generous festival! And one that is trailblazing in its embrace of multiple different formats, media, and approaches to storytelling. A wonderfully lively atmosphere accompanies the festival, and this was palpable even in virtual form, due to the pandemic necessitating both online and in-person attendance. I’m very grateful to have been a part of this festival – a terrific, affirming experience.

    • Nicola Green

      Honoured to have been nominated with my feature screenplay ‘The Split’ at such a prestigious film Festival. I loved hooking up with Susan and fellow nominees at the festival, live. Susan is a natural connector of people; engaged and hospitable to all she meets. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to further my reach with my dear-to-my-heart project.

  • Martina Webster

    It was our first time at this film festival and we enjoyed the networking and the staff very much. It was such a great honor for our film Hashtag Blessed to win Best Faith and family feature amongst so many outstanding entries.

Retro #review

A new L.A-based festival has just popped up that addresses and celebrates all of the

unique forms that visual storytelling can take in our new media world.”– BadLit


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