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Sunday Sunday Sunday
Anthony James Natoli



Two brothers inherit a #67DodgeDart and go drag racing. Shot on an iPhone this story is about overcoming obstacles on the track and in life.

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What do Alyssa Sutherland, Ravi Patel, Martin Sheen, Matthew Modine, Rosario Dawson & Michio Kaku have in common? New Media Film Festival® 2023

Los Angeles, CA – New Media Film Festival® is excited to announce its 2023 edition, featuring 106 new media films and content from 22 countries. The festival will take place online on June 7th and in Los Angeles on June 8th, showcasing 37 world premieres, 10 US premieres, and 41 Los Angeles premieres.

The festival is known for honoring stories worth telling since 2009, featuring all ages, all cultures, and all media. From novices to Oscar winners, the festival celebrates creativity and innovation in storytelling.

This year’s festival will feature some of the biggest names in entertainment, including but not limited to:

Alyssa Sutherland and The Movie Knight, who will reveal the winner of Best Trailer recorded live from FL.

Ravi Patel and cast members Brianna Hildebrand, KaDee Strickland, Todd Grinnell, Baron Vaughn, Okea Eme-Akwari, Nelson Bonilla, Charles Green, Erika Coleman, Myrom Kingery, Alexander Grace, Orelon Sidney, Mike Kaye, Chad Fifer, Taron Germany, Denice Rivera, Tiffany Colon, Voltaire Colin Council, Barbara Hawkins-Scott, James Tillman, Priscilla Willnis inThe Time Capsule.

Cast and Crew Matthew Modine, Michio Kaku, Hollace Davids, Paul Davids, Adam Rackoff, Jennifer Stein, Grant Ibrahim, Chris O’Brien, John B. Alexander, Mike Bara, Ralph Blumenthal, Tim Burchett, Jimmy Church, Richard Dolan, Luis Elizondo, James Fox, Katie Griboski, Melinda Leslie, Chris Mellon, Gary Nolan, Nick Pope, Danny Sheehan in Accidental Truth.

­­­­­Cast & Crew Greg Palast, Rosario Dawson, Oscar winner Maria Florio, Martin Sheen, George DiCaprio, Stephen Nemeth, Maj. Gamaliel Turner, Rev. Harold Turner Martin Sheen and Rosario Dawson in Vigilante.

“We’re thrilled to have such a talented and diverse group of creators and performers at this year’s festival,” said Susan Johnston, the festival director. “New Media Film Festival® has always been about celebrating the power of storytelling in all its forms, and this year is no exception.”

Nominee details, schedules, and New Media Film Festival® tickets are available at

. The festival targets people who are excited and passionate about new and innovative forms of storytelling.

For more information on the New Media Film Festival® and its mission to honor stories worth telling, please visit #innovation #film #content #storytelling #creativity #entertainment

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