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August 25, 2010

New Media Film Festival is pleased to announce its newest program New Media Film Festival-SF Bay Area, November 5– 7, 2010.

This event brings together Industry Professionals and Content Creators across Film, TV, Games, Publishing, Mobile, Web and Tech.  The program features the Best of New Media and includes Short Film, Mobile, Games, Web, iApps, Animation, Technology Platforms, and New Film Technologies. Screenings include Sundance, Cannes, Los Angeles and World Premieres as well as the best local SF Bay Area talent working in new media.  Panel discussions and demos will highlight New Technology, Financing & Monetization, the Convergence of Media and where Traditional Media meets New Media.

Our premiere event that took place in Los Angeles in June was a great success. We’re excited to bring

the event to SF Bay Area to embrace its unique blend of technology and creative talent. We’re

honoring stories worth telling and showcasing The Best in New Media – What’s New, What’s Next.

A new L.A-based festival has just popped up that addresses and celebrates all of the

unique forms that visual storytelling can take in our new media world.”– BadLit

New Media Film Festival-SF Bay Area is produced in partnership with Producers Guild of America, NATPE, IAWTV and San Francisco Writers Conference.

We are now accepting submissions for competition.  We’re seeking film & media from Content Creators and Companies with projects that have SF Bay Area connection such as talent, crew, location, theme or reference.  We accept audiovisual works in all formats, genres, and languages. Our programming is categorized into existing and emerging technologies that make up the contemporary mediascape.  This includes Web, Mobile, Shorts, Animation, iApps and projects shot in RED or in 3D.

Competition judges for finalists include industry professionals from Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, Summit Entertainment, Creative Convergence and United Talent Agency.  Best of SF Bay Area Winner receives an estimated value $9,000 Prize Package and Programming in May 2011 New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles.

We are an IMDB Qualifier, all submissions receive an Industry Resource Ebook, the ability to be reviewed by distributors and the top 3 finalists in each category will be viewed by a distributor & have an opportunity to be aired on broadcast, online and/or theatrical distribution.  All submissions will qualify for discounted event passes.  Cost for all media submissions: $25.00

Final Submission Deadline is September 30, 2010.

Submit film & media at: www.newmediasubmissions.com

Contact Info: Susan Johnston, Founder & Director 310-288-1100 director@NewMediaFilmFestival.com

Philippa Burgess & Brad Kushner, Co-Directors of NMFF-SF

Contact: philippa@newmediafilmfestival.com or brad@newmediafilmfestival.com

Website: www.newmediafilmfestival.com

Please read the categories below to find out under which category to submit.  All entries will be considered for Best of SF Bay Area Grand Prize.  Cost for all media submissions: $25.00.

Submit film & media at: www.newmediasubmissions.com

Deadline:  September 30, 2010

MOBILE – Media made by and for your cell phone.  Mobile submissions are audiovisual works created by your cell phone camera and/or intended for exhibition on mobile devices. This medium has become an area of interest for many distributors and other content aggregators.  NOTE: Duration must be five minutes or less. (Limit one episode per submission. Otherwise submit as a “Web or Mobile Series”).

WEBISODE – Webisodes are audiovisual works distributed virally or on demand via the Internet. They may be created in any format (HD, 35mm, Super8, etc.) but they are intended for exclusive distribution on the Web. Content may include narrative, documentary, and experimental material in any genre. NOTE: Submissions must be 20 minutes or less. (Limit one episode per submission. Otherwise submit as a “Web or Mobile Series”).

WEB OR MOBILE SERIES –  If you have 3 or more webisodes or mobisodes that pertain to the same theme or are part of a larger series, submit them as as a web or mobile series. Like individual webisodes, web or mobile series may be created on any media (HD, 35mm, Super8, etc.) but they are intended for distribution on the Web or through a mobile service. Content may include narrative, documentary, and experimental material in any genre.  NOTE: Each webisode in the series must be under 20 minutes. Do not send more than three webisodes or mobisodes as part of your submission.

SHORTS  – Shorts are narrative or documentary works created on any format (HD, 16mm, Super8, etc.) with a duration under 30 minutes.  NOTE: (If animated, please submit as, “Animated Shorts”)

ANIMATED SHORTS – Animated content (less than 30 minutes).  NOTE: (If your content meets the criteria above you may choose to enter your animated mobile or web content here or in “Mobile” or “Web or Mobile Series”)

3D OR RED SHORTS & FEATURES – Documentary and narrative works shot on either the RED camera or with stereoscopic/3D technology qualify for this category. NOTE: For 3D submissions, be sure to send the appropriate glasses. If that is not possible, please submit a 2D version of the film.

IAPPS – They can be created for the iPhone, iPad, Evo, Nokia’s Ovi Store, Blackberry’s App World, Palm’s App Catalog, Google’s Android Market or Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace for Mobile as long as they tell as story and have a visual component they can be submitted in this category.

SRC – SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE CONTENT – This is for any type of film & media content that has a socially responsible message and would like to be considered for competition in this category.

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About New Media Film Festival

New Media is an infinite catalyst for story & technology. Best Digital Festival - Luxe Living Makes the Cutting Edge accessible - HuffPo Worth the entry fee - MovieMakerMag "For those uncomfortable of the term 'new media,' fear not. This is a festival that makes the cutting edge accessible by seamlessly weaving the tried and true with the next wave. Perhaps best exemplified by 21-year-old opening night musician Charles Eliasch singing 19t- century opera by Bellini immediately followed by a presentation of edgy 3D films. So what is 'new media' exactly? Festival founder Susan Johnston defines it as "infinite possibilities." While that may seem broad, new media is broad. It's a vast realm with ever-changing tools and techniques encompassing any emerging methods of producing, delivering, and viewing of content from now into the unforeseeable future. The festival's categories might present the clearest picture of what new media can consist of. While there are no features on the schedule, webseries ("the new TV shows" says Johnston), animation, music videos, shorts, APPs and documentaries abound. In addition, technology is represented by categories including Shot on Red, mobile (cellphone created), machinima (video for the gamer lifestyle featuring 3D real time graphics and judged in competition by none other than the creator of Star Wars' R2D2), STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math - cool, educational programming on the digital space), Sniplers (30-second snippets of trailers), and Trailers - which, in the new media cinemascape, are statements in and of themselves - as important as the feature they are encapsulating." - Huffington Post 20 Categories - $45,000 in Awards, Screening, Distribution Opportunities. Meet the Filmmakers, Celebrities and Industry Leaders at the festival. Submit year round. Attend in June in Los Angeles CA www.NewMediaFilmFestival.com
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